Chinese Fisherman, China

Thar Desert, Rajasthan, India

There are places where we’ve been hundreds of times, but that preserve their ability to be magical, even for a few seconds. This photo is dedicated to those who follow this page, as well as those who, in the past years, have been with us at Cabo Raso during a photo workshop. A heartfelt thank you!

After the storm, Salar Uyuni, Bolivia

Joel Santos self portrait, near Reykjavik, Iceland. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are caused by the impact of solar wind particles in the Earth’s upper atmosphere being channelled by the planet’s magnetic field. They are elusive, mysterious and dance in shades of green in the starry nights.

Flores and Corvo, Azores, Portugal | Please check the complete Time Lapse in FullHD at (videos Tab).

The Rough Guide to China features one of my photos from Guilin area on the cover. I’ve been photographing the cormorant fisherman since 2006 and, sadly, witnessing it’s quick disappearing alongside with centuries of tradition.

Cormorant fisherman (+100 years old), Guangxi, China.
(C) Joel Santos -

Holy Prayer, Bali, Indonesia

Indian boy, Thar Desert, Rajasthan, India

Bird’s Nest, Olympic Stadium, Beijing, China

'Time Capsule', Shanghai, China

Farmer, Rice Fields, Bali, Indonesia.

Joel Santos: At the Edge of the World f

'The permanent dissatisfaction is one of the more blatant traits of the human species; a restlessness that never allows our spirit to calm down, pushing us to break quiescence and to head into the unknown. When passion joins dissatisfaction, we’re endowed with an unstoppable motivation; an irrational energy that fills our chest and that makes us rotate the Earth with the force of a thousand tides. But dissatisfaction and passion can only achieve true momentum when they’re fuelled by creativity, making the impossible possible, taking us farther, higher and faster, like never before. And when everything comes together in a single moment, a photograph is the most special way to retain this one of a kind memory, rendering the planet and human uniqueness in a single frame of light. Every image thus becomes a step towards immortality and the foundation that will inspire the next new adventure, as the edge of world is still out there for us to reach. | Text and photos by © Joel Santos -

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